Last year the good folks at Behringer asked a question on their Facebook page. The question was”How would you feel if we build an authentic ARP Odyssey synthesizer, but with a unique 3-mode VCF circuitry (that replicates all MK I to III versions) plus full Midi/USB implementation? Price around US$ 500. Shoot…”

The question was accompanied by a slick little mock-up of their ARP Odyssey vision. Unfortunately for Behringer, Korg had already announced the reissue of the Korg ARP Odyssey synthesizer and they even had the leg up of working with one of the original guys from the ARP Odyssey camp. Well, if you take a look back at that post you’ll see that fans certainly took shots.

Ultimately, comments like Ken Flux’s stinging… “This is quite confusing. On the one hand I would want it and likely buy it. On the other… Seeing as Korg already announced this, you have to wonder why?! If you are dead set on doing a reissue vintage mono synth how about selecting something not already being done? There are so many to choose from”

Long story short… we never heard anymore about that idea.

Instead, over the last few weeks we’ve gotten a gang of very intriguing teaser videos. Initially we all thought… “oh, okay! Another analog mono synth.” Then another video or so dropped and we were all like… “Wait! It’s a 4 voice poly analog synth!” Eyebrows raised. Then more vids revealed a new 12 voice poly analog with some kinship in functionality to the Juno 106 but on steroids and very modernized. That’s when (in the words of Fat Joe) we went ALL THE WAY UP! We are officially paying attention Behringer.

But there is just one thing. The synth has a very different name to say the least. It’s called Deepmind 12. (insert scrunch face emoji here…)

Well, Mr. Behringer himself took to the inter-webs to give a little insight as he does so well. I have to say the ground swell of this product and grass-roots, guerrilla marketing to the core synth audience has been brilliantly well done. Anyway, here is what Mr. Behringer had to say about the name.


Thank you for your comment Synth Guru. Please allow me to jump in here, as this very much resonates with me and is exactly the reason why I have chosen the name “DeepMind”.

While my personal background is more related to the traditional classical and jazz piano, the emotional experience that this synthesizer has evoked in me is best described as “mind-blowing” and I am not stating this, because my name is on the instrument. I am sure many of you have the same wonderful and highly emotive experience when playing your own musical instrument. And isn’t this exactly what music is about?

Over the several years that we developed and fine-tuned the DeepMind12, I have spent endless amount of hours in front of this instrument and every time, its unlimited sounds and possibilities carried me into a different state of mind – very much in line with Synth Guru.
The fascinating part is that your mental experience dramatically increases as you add polyphony, effects and in particular analog sound generation and processing. It is exactly the inaccuracy, vividness and richness of analog that our mind relates to, very similar to a real orchestra where all instruments are slightly out of tune or beat. After all it is the imperfection of sound that appeals to us human beings.

I have also encountered the very same phenomenon when the artists seen in the videos played the synthesizer for the first time. We recorded and captured their true emotions playing the DeepMind12; just to dispel rumors, none of them were paid for these videos or presented with scripts.

I truly believe the DeepMind12 is a very different instrument and hence we felt it deserves a very different name. Of course I understand that names are highly subjective and I respect that not all of you like my choice. So simply blame me for it:-)

Perhaps I can invite you to share with us your proposals for products and names? We are currently hiring 30 synthesizer product specialists and engineers for our new Synthesizer Division. Our ambitious vision is to embark on a comprehensive synthesizer journey. Like you, we are incredibly passionate about synthesizers.

Thank you.

~  Uli Behringer courtesy of GearSlutz Forums

And one last note… did you happen to notice the call to action in Behringer’s statement about? “We are currently hiring 30 synthesizer product specialists and engineers for our new Synthesizer Division. ” So, to say the least, this is only just the beginning.

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