My favorite drum designers are back again with another “must-have” drum kit, Dusty Drums 3. Be sure to add this one to your collection. That Akai S900 sampler on the cover ain’t just for show. These joints sound like the 1990s from what I can tell on the demo.

Press play on the image above to check it out for yourself.

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Those incredible Dusty Drums are back with volume 3! The live, authentic, MSXII drumkit slightly colored with tasteful analog gear is here. Cut from our collection of 16″ vintage hats, Ludwig drums, Tama drums, Porkpie Drums, and snare collection. This kit is is the epitome of why so many trust the MSXII name. You should buy drum sounds from people that actually play…well, you know…drums. Cop Dusty Drums 3…true to it’s pedigree of QUALITY of quantity.


Kit Features:

  • 55 drums played, recorded, & processed by the MSXII team in .wav format
  • Unique hits that have simply not yet been heard
  • Mix ready, processed tastefully under 0 with headroom
  • Analog character saturation via authentic MSXII chains
  • Labeled by folders of Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion/Misc.
  • Compatible with all DAWS & Samplers that accept .wav format

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