MSXII Sounds released such a cool and refreshing sample kit of breaks that I had to load the kit up and dig in. The kit is called ‘DRMSxCNGS’. Simply put, I love it.

DRMSxCNGS gives you the raw samples that you wish you could extract from soul classics by Marvin Gaye. Those tight drums and added conga percussion grooves that so perfectly locked in with one another to make the perfect bed for Marvin’s silky soul vocals to lay in. Well, MSXII sound has created a set of breaks that capture that vibe so nicely. It feels as if you’ve somehow acquired the stems from Marvin Gaye’s Motown sessions.

The kit is perfectly organized by tempo. Folders exist for for 80, 100, 100 w/Swing, 115, and 140. So there is more than enough flexibility for your preference in BPMs. My preference is usually somewhere around 90 to  94 bpms. Although there was no 94bpm folder I was still able to use my any of the files and time stretch or pitch accordingly.

I spent a good amount of time with this kit last weekend. There were moments when I just looped the breaks and sat back to listen. The breaks just sound that good.

In my productions (which you can hear 3 of the 7 or 8 joints a made with the kit above in the soundcloud player) I went for a few breaks that featured more of the drum set up front with conga accents. Still the kit is full of variety. Some where the drum kit is featured prominently and others where the conga grooves are more prominently featured. In some cases both the drums and congas are both right up front together playing off of one another and even counter grooving. So there is surely something there for everyone tastes.

My style of production goes for a pitched down and chopped sort of flavor but these drums lend themselves well to looping and importing to DAW and extracting midi and groove templates too. Yeah think outside of the box. You can use these breaks in a variety of ways. I like the idea of using these breaks played by professionals and skilled players to create new groove templates in my DAW for later use. Not to mention, the sheer amount of material and sampler food that you have here when chopped into “one hit” samples. The snares are pretty crisp and the kicks sit nicely in the mix of sequenced beats and grooves. I had a lot of fun even layering and using the grooves as starting points to stack onto and build from.

These samples and  breaks deserve to be on vinyl. But even still, the warm 65 authentic and carefully crafted breaks and conga grooves in 16bit .wav format are well done and they sound frickin’ awesome. DRMSxCNGS definitely kick the year off to a great start for a spot on the top Drum Kits of 2015 list.

DRMSxCNGS as described by MSXII

Ever hear the groove of drums and congas from an incredible Marvin Gaye record or a song from one of the best eras in music history? Sometimes you wish you could just snatch the percussive instruments out of that sample to chop, flip, manipulate, and meticulously recreate something of your own! This has been our approach when creating the BRKSxCNGS sample pack. This kit includes that vintage and authentic MSX Audio coloring chain you love, wrapped around 65 unique breaks and conga grooves for you to add to your own production. This kit is used best by chopping sections and getting unique patterns that compliment current grooves.

#drmsxcngs review coming up. I’m thoroughly enjoying this kit people.

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Kit Features:

• 65 authentic breaks and conga grooves in 16bit .wav format
• Conga grooves commissioned by a percussive professional who’s toured with the likes of Prince and many more
• Midi information can be extracted from grooves and impressed upon your own patterns (easily done in Ableton or Reason)
• Files separated by folders of BPM (80, 100, 100 w/Swing, 115, and 140)
• Textured and characterized through our processing chains for a vintage feel
• Partners well with other MSXII kits such as Dusty Drums vol. 1, The Soulful Stems 1 & 2, Sammich Kits, and Joe Deertay 1 & 2
• Compatible with all major DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format

Cop the kit here. For a 10% discount use the code BBOYTECH at checkout.


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