Mackenzie a.k.a. m56p87, one if the fellas over, put together this really cool free set of drums and synth stabs / hits. The kit is called SIMU1200 because Mackenzie purposefully approached the design of the sounds to emulate the “awesome artifacts & warm sound the Emu SP series provides.” That’s the whole idea behind the kit.

Mackenzie further explains his process, “I started making some simple effect chains to see if I could get that sound, particularly the ring modulation sound you get from I believe doing the pitch up and pitch down trick and the artifacts you get on things like hi-hats etc… ”

Mackenzie initially figured he dig in for a few minutes to try to emulate the SP 1200 sound but  as he says “a 15 minute experiment on my iPad turned into a 6 hour track-fest involving a ton of subtle processing to get the best approximation” After effectively emulating the SP 1200 sound on his chosen samples Mackenzie went a step further “dumped the samples to analog tape to create my own ideal lofi sound.”

Here is the process used to create these sounds.

step1 – slight low threshold compression with instant attack & release
step2 – multiband ring modulation (tapers below 500hz)
step3 – multiband bit crusher (tapers belows 900hz)
step4 – bit depth & sample rate reduction (reduced to 16bits @ 24khz)
step5 – slightly overdriven onto 1/4 inch reel to reel tape @ 3.75 ips (0 to 5+ db)
step5 – recorded onto dps12 through A/D converters (16bit @ 44.1khz)
final ish – dumped onto my computer, chopped in recycle and noise gated.


SIMU1200 ArtI’ve peeped the sounds and believe me this is a steal of a set for free. Download it while its still available. If you dig it be sure to reply to this post or join the conversation over at the Maybe we will get a part 2 to this cool kit at some point.

As time permits I will post a few audio examples of original beats made with SIMU1200. Should be fun. Holla.


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