The Drum Broker and music producer / composer, Frank Dukes of Kingsway Music have teamed up to bring you a new sample library called Kingsway Music Library. Steeped in the knowledge and processing technique from years of “composing original samples for the industries top producers including Jake One, Illmind [and] Cardiak” Frank designed these 100% original samples with the beat maker in mind. Frank went to extreme lengths to develop this library for the beat maker and DJ who’s access to the good old vintage gear is limited. The samples were “recorded to 1 inch tape at 30 IPS, using an onslaught of rare vintage gear.”

kingswaytornThis library appears to extend options to either purchase as a full sample library for $39.99 or purchase a single sample by selecting the sample of your choice for as little as $5.99. The key here is that you have the flexibility to make your own synth patches via keygroups or whatever your sampler of choice may call the process of taking one sample and spreading it across a group of keys to allow you to play it like a synth. This is a very slick set up and it makes it very flexible for you if you are the piecemeal sort of cat. Still if you are in the market for a complete sample library of sounds and drums you may want to choose the Kingsway Music Library option for $39.99 and call it a day until the next volume drops.

The Drum Broker notes, Kingsway Music Library was composed and created using top notch studio musicians recorded through NEVE or NEVE equivalent pre-amps and mic’d using vintage mics (some of which are worth upwards of $20k). The recording and equipment used to create this unique music library is also the same equipment used on classic 60’s psych, prog rock, and soul library music people have been sampling since the inception of hip hop music.”

Instruments featured in these samples:

  • Rare Vintage Synths: Yamaha CS80, Memorymoog, Korg Monopoly, Polymoog and more
  • Vintage Drums
  • Vintage Guitar Amps
  • Vintage Bass Amps
  • Vintage Basses
  • Vintage Guitars
  • Pianos
  • Brass
  • Strings, etc.

*Samples will be delivered in HQ 16-Bit .WAV files

For more information and to buy Kingsway Music Library kit head over to the product page. Click Here…

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