Analog Boom Bap Meets Move Cut Clone and The Volca Sample in this video by Accurate Beats.

Accurate and I had chatted about the BeatPPL movement and how he might be able to pitch in from time to time. So I thought it’d be dope to see how he’d use the Analog Boom Bap in his beat making videos.

Fortunately, it all came together just in time for his new Volca Sample arrival. Accurate loaded up nearly 100 samples from Analog Boom Bap and proceeded to make it do what it do.

Here are the results in a rather informative review like Volca Sample video.

About Analog Boom Bap

Analog boom bap is a collection of one shot drum samples and efx created with a dirty and authentic boom bap aesthetic in mind. The samples contained within were created with blends of vinyl samples (including plain ole dirt and static), hand percussion, analog drums and analog efx samples from various analog synths and drum machines.

All 201 samples were processed using variations of customized audio chains that include the finest analog filters (Minimoog Voyager Low Pass Filter), vintage samplers (MPC 60 II), analog mixing consoles and reel to reel tape machines available.

The result is a sample pack full of vinyl & electronic, dirty, saturated ‘synth-bap’ ready drums and efx that bang.

…And it’s only just begun!

This is volume 1…

Analog Boom Bap is available now for $24.99 at and

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