Boom Bap Nostalgic is the new kit from The Producer’s Choice. The kit features drums, bass, rolls and fills sample to perfection with the kings of the hill 12 bit monster machines (MPC 60, S950, Emu SP12). If you dont already know, these machines are the crux of that “vintage mode” flavor that is so coveted now a days.

As if that weren’t enough, The Producer’s Choice and Beatzunami, took things a step further by deciding to make this kit a Kontakt sample library. In doing this they were able to take Boom Bap Nostalgic to the next level by taking advantage Kontakts state of the art ADSR processing. This allows you to further manipulate the drum samples and customize the sound of this boom bap collection to your needs. Not enough? Hit the vintage mode button to turn up the warmth and crunch on the drums.

If you are a beat maker that uses Kontakt and you love that ole warm, crunchy, sweet boom bap sound this Boom Bap Nostalgic kit/library should be in your collection.

Boom Bap Nostalgic Kontakt Library includes:

  • 3 Full Drum Kits: Gritty, Punchy & Raw
  • 1 Patch of Noise, Crackles & Vinyl Hum
  • 1 EMU SP12 Bass Patch
  • 1 Patch of Drum Rolls and Fills
  • ADSR controls to manipulate and control the samples
  • Vintage Mode: Gives extra punch and flava to samples
  • Multi Instrument settings with Stereo Out and Multi Outs for easy mixing
  • Samples Include: Kicks, Snare, Cymbals, Toms, Percussion etc..

NOTE – You’ll need a full version of Kontakt 4.3 or 5 to use the Boom Bap Nostalgic Library!

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