Another Beautiful Trip into Deep Space

Back in June we hitched a ride to another galaxy with Time Travelling Toaster (TTT) in his excellent ‘Color Spacesound Turbulence’ project. A unique collection of soulful electronica and effervescent hip hop, the album was an instant favourite with B-Boy Tech Report.

Now, TTT blesses us with more inter-dimensional dopeness in the form of ‘Space Toast Vol. 3’.

In ‘Space Toast Vol. 3’ TTT further explores his hip hop side. In particular, there are some nice nods to J Dilla. The loops are hypnotic and engaging, with plenty of beautiful, thoughtful flourishes; the drums are rugged and unquantized; the delicate, spacey synths sit on top of lashes of thick, nimble bass; and there’s a sense of melancholy throughout. In addition, there’s dialogue from the man himself ushering in the addictive ‘Just a’ Touch’ and the drums on ‘You Would Love It Out Here….’ explicitly reference ‘Won’t Do’.

This is not to say TTT has sacrificed any of his individuality in the name of paying homage. In particular, ‘Astral Atlasatlantis’ takes the listener back – as the name suggests – into the fantastical aquatic abode he conjured up so sublimely on his previous offering. This is another very cohesive, sensual and engaging outing from TTT, which shows off his own signature style whilst also comfortably paying homage to one of his main inspirations. Raise a glass to ‘Space Toast Vol. 3’.

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