An underground favorite hip-hop producer, Kev Brown speaks on how the South Africa Dedication EP came about. Cool concept, the South Africa EP… I believe the plan is to release green wax, red wax and black wax in order to drive the theme home in a collectors item sort of way. According to Redefinition “Kev Brown’s LOW BUDGET RECORDS (a division of REDEF) is back with another great release. This is a record we’re proud to present and one that will not last long.”

Shout out to my man Gadget (@digitalhustler) from for this really dope behind the scenes look into the beat makers behind the gems that we rock to. Kev Brown The Making of The South Africa Dedication EP.

For those that haven’t peeped this yet. It’s available on on Vinyl at Low Budget / Redefinition or digitally via itunes.

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