I stumbled on this 24 Hour Beat Tape while checking out KOMA Elektronik’s analog pedals. The concept was spearheaded, I’m guessing, by a duo named Planty Herbs from Utrecht, Netherlands.

The idea behind the 24 Hour Beat Tape is that a collection of musicians and beat makers get together in one place and bang out beats for 24 hours straight. Some cats fall asleep, some get seriously hopped up on red bull in order to keep banging ’em out. Whatever the case, at the end of the 24 hours what ever they have accumulated and created in the way of beats gets prepped and released via sound cloud as a free download. Meanwhile the entire adventure is captured on video for YouTube.

The overall impression of the 24 hour beat tape is that it’s bangin’. I really enjoyed the vibe. I’m hearing lots of Dilla influence on some of these beats but that is not at all a bad thing. These cats from the Netherlands seem to have a dope scene. If they keep up this sort of output the sky is the limit.

The gear used ranges from Logic Pro, Ableton and Fruity Loops to Akai S950, KOMA pedals and Korg MS 2000 just to name a few.  That’s a hefty load of gear but I imagine it’s like Stone Soup… will make beats soup in exchange for a few key ingredients.

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01. The Planty Herbs – Plan (ft. Aap)
02. The Planty Herbs – Far Out
03. Moods – First Thing
04. Smith – 15:09
05. The Planty Herbs – In The Beginning There Was Jay Dee
06. Moods – Room Full Of Smoke
07. The Planty Herbs – Edge
08. Moods – Short Energy Boost
09. Smith – 03:43
10. The Planty Herbs – Oewiebeeb
11. Mike Jungerius – Perspective (ft. Marlon Penn & Bart van Haare)
12. The Planty Herbs – Scohn Jofield
13. Le Boeuf – Dry Nation
14. Smith – 04:48
15. Moods – Staring Screens
16. ◯laf Stuut – 24h Iets Tape
17. The Planty Herbs – On The One (ft. Aap & Marlon Penn)
18. Moods – Somewhere Else
19. Smith – 06:22
20. The Planty Herbs – Confused
21. Le Boeuf – Richie Pocket
22. The Planty Herbs – Good Night, Sleep Tight
23. Moods – Just Woke Up
24. Smith – 14:47
25. The Planty Herbs – Full Clip
26. The Planty Herbs – Still Alive (ft. Marlon Penn & Aap)



Maarten Smith

Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap

Marlon Penn

Olaf Stuut

Mike Jungerius

Bart van Haare

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