The Art of Intelligence cassette and digital download project is an exploration in beat-making. The project is produced by 3 so-cal based producers; Dap, Upright & BboyTech. Each producer approaches hip hop instrumental-ism and beat-making from a different perspective than the last. Dap is a more sample focused producer while Upright incorporates modular synthesis into his productions and BboyTech is synth focused with some sampling.

The 3 approaches to hip hop instrumental-ism and beat-making converge on the Art of Intelligence project to present hip hop as high art. Creative uses of chops, vocal drops and intros, twisted yet palatable use of synthesis, quirky – and in some cases subtle – automation, sound effects, chopped breaks, analog drums, overall programming and more combine to present hip hop instrumental-ism and beat-making as colorful and intelligent art.

Each cassette is a unique and individual limited edition white tape with fun blue swirls. Every tape is different from the next, making this project a truly expressive bit of art through and through.

Purchase of the cassette tape comes with instant digital download of the entire project.

Track Listing

01. Muzak – Dap

02. Snake Basket – BBoyTech

03. Child Labor – Upright

04. The Source – BBoyTech

05. Raining Loops – Dap

06. Cloud – Upright

07. 1st Adventure – BBoyTech

08. Snaps, Snares & Pops – Dap

09. Heather – Upright

10. Gradually – Upright

11. Moonlit Napili Bay – BBoyTech

12. Door Wide Shut – Dap

Produced by Dap, Upright & BBoyTech

BeatPPL – Copyright 2016

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