It should go without saying that is all about technology and gadgetry that happens to be bent towards Hip Hop. So if you are in the know then you had to know that this little clever memory stick / flash drive dressed as an MPC 2000XL would find its way to our pages at some point. Well, better sooner than later.

These cool little gadgets are the flash drive for the beat maker. We are in a different age now. CD Rom drives and DVD Rom drives are being phased out. Like it or not, its true. We stream everything. We download everything. We store everything on some form of hard drive or memory stick and no one carries CDs and DVDs around anymore. This is the post PC era, so says Apple execs. Who are we to argue?!

So Beat Makers and DJs should feast there grubby little gadget raping hands on‘s new line of flash drives. These beat maker, groovebox, classic sampler, drum machine inspired flash drive are the perfect companion for the BBoy Tech enthusiast on the go. I’ll tell you what, if you are shopping beats and you want to be noticed out of the pile of beat maker’s CDs lying around this is the perfect solution. Better still, I’ll bet you and your guy share samples and drum kits all the time… this surely the perfect solution so as not to get “that one flash drive” lost in the shuffle of the 50 other flash drives you’ve thrown in you backpack or messenger bag.

The “FLASH DRIVES: For Beatmakers” (as I’ve personally dubbed them) come in a few flavors including, Akai MPC 2000XL, Roland TR808 (keychain), EMU SP 1200 and Yamaha NS-10M. Get them here


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Introducing the worlds first USB flash memory drive shaped like the MPC-2000XL. Its Hip Hop’s most popular drum machines / samplers. This is the long time favorite sampler of producers such as Hi-Tek, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Marco Polo, Ayatollah, The RZA, Large Professor and more! The classic drum machine has been immortalized as a 16 GB USB flash memory drive. Every nuance of the Akai Classic has been captured in extreme detail! These unique devices are perfect for Hip-Hop beat makers, producers, and enthusiast on the go. This is the only portable data storage solution that screams “Hip Hop”.

Possible Uses:

  • Drum and Sound Storage
  • Pro Tools / Tracked Out Audio Sessions
  • Beat CD’s – Catch A&R’s and Label’s Attention!
  • Store your beats

Technical Specifications:

  • 16 GB Capacity
  • High Quality Toshiba Flash Memory
  • Extremely Detailed and Ultra Realistic
  • Super Durable PVC Construction
  • USB 2.0 Support
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