The Blend Beat Project Volume One Brings together dope hiphop musicians for a celebration of dope beat making.

Released March 23rd of  2014  The Blend Beat Project Volume One features a group of 20 beat makers from all over the place. The vibe of the project ranges from laid back – head nod with dirty samples chopped and slightly glitched to synth heavy big breaks.  The project is mostly good ole boom bap for your listening pleasure. With 20 cats banging out beats for this one project, it’s tough to imagine that it would remain so cohesive but it certainly does.

All in all, the theme is hip hop and boom bap. Any Emcee looking for fresh beats to practice his flow on…  or as our current climate would have it – any emcee looking to record full songs on someone elses dope beats would find this project as a gold mine of fresh and new instrumental hip hop.  Well,  “a gold mine of fresh and new instrumental hip hop”  is exactly what you get with this The Blend Beat Project Volume One project. So in the words of the late great J Dilla “TURN IT UP!”

Although some of our friends and favs (Central Parks, ES-K, Upright, ShunGu, Robot Orchestra) are accounted for on this project the collective of beatmakers are no slouches by far. I’ve only heard bangers here. The only thing that could have made this project better is a small documentary that allows us to get to know the some of or all of the beat makers involved. But hey, the music speaks for itself.

The fellas involved describes it as…

“The Blend Beat Project Volume One is a project of diverse, creative expression but yet there is a strong thread of hip hop coursing through the veins of each track. The goal was to assemble a group of producers that would be enjoyable to listen to from beginning of the project to the end of the project. “

Download it on Bandcamp or as an alternative here is a MediaFire link.  Also, be sure to keep up with this and future projects on the FaceBook page

The Blend Beat Project Volume One – Beat Makers and contributors include the following…

Prof. Logik-

Doc Mastermind-

Clear Blue-

Beatbox Bandit-

Central Parks-






Howie Wonder-




Shuffle Jack-

Robert Redeye-


Robot Orchestra-




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