It’s no secret that ES-K is a favorite. You just have to give respect where respect is due. ES-K is that dude. He is something like a dope beat factory with his formula for cranking out beats for his ongoing monthly series of albums entitled Spontaneous Grooves on Cold Busted.

This time around ES-K is offering up what he calls “my first album.” Of course, if you don’t count the nearly 2 dozen Spontaneous Grooves projects. But I think I understand where he is coming from with the idea of this being his first album.

Undoubtedly a very personal album, ES-K dedicates the album to his best friend who has gone back to the essence. According to ES-K himself,  “It’s a project about love, loss and life; dedicated to my best friend who passed away in 2010.

Serenity reaches a certain cohesive mark even with various artists involved. That in itself is a level of prowess and mastery from our conductor ES-K that most can only dream of attaining. Joints like Left Behind Feat. Charmingly Ghetto and Till We Meet Again Feat. DJ Grazzhoppa (Central Parks Remix) have such a great retrospective and even introspective flare. The message is so consistent and apparent throughout the album. The idea of coming to peace with life and it’s perils as opposed to falling to pieces on the roller coaster that is life, is ever present.

Devils Pie Feat. Fish Grease & Charmingly Ghetto continues to further illustrate the consistency and common thread throughout the project. Life lessons are in abundance on Serenity. But in a very fresh and soulful way.

This is the way hiphop should be, focused, thoughtful, smart, real and above all else, DOPE! Great work ES-K. And congratulations… Your mastery of the art of hiphop music in combination with the effects of a loved one lost has taken this project to new levels of fresh.

Distributed by Fat Beats on the Cold Busted label, Serenity is a soulful boom-bap accomplishment featuring the likes of A.G. of D.I.T.C, General Steele, MC Dialect and C-Rayz Walz. The album will be available on May 20th 2014 on Cassette Tape, Compact Disc, Digital Download 12 Inch Vinyl (Vinyl ships 2014.06.17).

About the project…

Es-K (Essential Knowledge) was born in Holland, raised in Kansas City Missouri, and currently lives in Burlington Vermont. You may know him from his Spontaneous Grooves series on Cold Busted. Serenity is his first album and features A.G. of D.I.T.C, General Steele, MC Dialect, C-Rayz Walz, Charmingly Ghetto, DJ Grazzhoppa, Central Parks, Maw-, Chel Strong, K. Sparks, Fish Grease, M-Dot, S.Dub, Chromadadata, and Mike Gerbino.

01 – Es-K – Serenity Feat. A.G. Of D.I.T.C. & General Steele (2:57)
02 – Es-K – Who Knew Feat. MC Dialect (2:05)
03 – Es-K – Rest In Peace Feat. C-Rayz Walz (4:31)
04 – Es-K – Left Behind Feat. Charmingly Ghetto (2:56)
05 – Es-K – Till We Meet Again Feat. DJ Grazzhoppa (Central Parks Remix) (3:54)
06 – Es-K – Breathe (Maw- Remix) (2:55)
07 – Es-K – Next Halloween Feat. Chel Strong (2:54)
08 – Es-K – All I See Feat. K. Sparks (2:11)
09 – Es-K – Devils Pie Feat. Fish Grease & Charmingly Ghetto (3:40)
10 – Es-K – Reminisce Feat. MC Dialect, Charmingly Ghetto, M-Dot, & S.Dub (Chromadadata Remix) (4:58)
11 – Es-K – Thank You Feat. Mike Gerbino (2:06)

BANDCAMP (May 20th 2014):

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