Black Milk’s “Perfected On Puritan Ave” recently dropped on Sound Cloud as a bit of a warning shot of things to come. The tune is just a small piece or a peek, if you will, into the forthcoming Black Milk full length album project entitled “No Poison, No Paradise.” No Poison No Paradise is due out on October 15, 2013 as a Computer Ugly / Fat Beats offering. Looks like Black Milk is making good use of his classic powerhouse Akai MPC 3000 and Moog Minimoog Voyager.

Here on Perfected On Puritan Ave is a style laden tale of hood lessons learned before even realizing the hood was his home. “…Lookin over your shoulder, don’t realize your from the ghetto til you get a lil older.” I love that line and I can relate. This is the magic of this track. Its an honest look into life in the hood with an melodious filtered soul and emotive track that lends itself to nostalgic memories that puts you right there in that place where Black Milk spits his verse from. Its an honest and heartfelt place.

The lyrics and track are full of good vibes. Highlights outside the flow and melody include the vamped out bridge that puts a free jazz sort of spin center stage before circling back to the filtered sort of dreamy melody.

And if I do say so myself, I’ve always been a fan of art married to music and music married to art. This seems to be the direction Milk is firmly set towards. Forthe artwork on this project we can thank artist Joonbug aka Fresh Kaufee. Check the artwork out below.

I already know this one will be in heavy rotation. Looking forward to October.

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