Boxed Ear is excited and proud to announce the first release in our new “Sounds for Synths” range.

TQS: Magnetic Fields is a bank of 128 fresh new sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver series, compatible with all Evolver models.

This amazing bank has been designed by space obsessed electronica outfit Two Quiet Suns. Every sound has been created with one thing in mind, playability. The bank is full of organic leads, vintage basses, luscious evolving pads and otherworldly atmospheres and every patch is designed to be expressive and musical. Believe us, these sounds are a joy to play.


  • 128 brand new sounds: Delivered as a MIDI sysex file and SoundTower editor file. Detailed installation instructions are included in the download package.
  • Compatible with all Evolver models: Desktop Evolver, Mono Evolver Keyboard, Poly Evolver Keyboard and Poly Evolver Rack.
  • Delivered immediately: As with all our products, they are digitally delivered via email immediately after purchase. No waiting!
  • Price: USD $33, EUR €25 or GBP £21 inc.VAT

We’re big fans of the Evolver at Boxed Ear (I have a Mono Evolver Keyboard and would never part with it!). Trust me when I say that these are some the best Evolver sounds we’ve every heard.

(just in case it needs pointing out, these are sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver synthesizer, not samples or Kontakt libraries like our other products to date)

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