#1 Gram Beats drops a steller J Dilla Tribute project entitled DEAR JAMES

On James “J Dilla” Dewitt Yancey’s birthday, February, 7th 2014, #1 Gram Beats released a tribute project dedicated to the memory and in gratitude for the work and inspiration given by the late great J Dilla. As J Dilla becomes more and more of an iconic figure in hip hop, it’s always a pleasure to see life breathed into the art of hip hop and more specifically the craft of beat making thanks to his legend. The #1 Gram Beats collective does a great job at preserving and respecting the craft and the legend on DEAR JAMES.

The story behind #1 Gram Beats and Dear James goes something like this… 8 beat makers from around the world gain a mutual respect for one another thanks to their 15 second beat teaser videos posted to their respective Instagram accounts. In getting familiar with one another it obviously became apparent that the phrase “J Dilla Changed My Life” rang true with all of the 8 beat makers with respect to beat making. One thing led to another and the formation of  the collective #1 Gram Beats began.

This album is a tribute compilation in honor of James “J Dilla” Dewitt Yancey. 8 producers from all over the world coming together to pay homage to our biggest influence musically. RIP ~ #1 Gram Beats 


Artists include – Dr. Dundiff – soundcloud.com/dr-dundiff
Karavelo – soundcloud.com/karavelo
Bläp Dëli – soundcloud.com/bl-pd-li
Beautiful Disco – soundcloud.com/beautiful-disco
BLACK QWEST – soundcloud.com/d-levon
Jzilla(Hedknodic) – soundcloud.com/jzilla210
Es-K – soundcloud.com/beatsbyesk
Sensr7six – soundcloud.com/sensrseven6
Art by Rare Birth – rarebirth.tumblr.com
Compiled by Dr. Dundiff.

Follow each of the #1 Gram Beats collective on Instagram.

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