The first in a series of all instrumental hip-hop compilations/ beat tapes from, “Beats Rule Everything Around Me” – BREAM – is a compilation of beats from a global assortment of dope producers. Oh, and it’s free of charge.

Initially intended to be a beat tape commemorating the 2nd year anniversary of – the popular Beat Makers / Music Tech lifestyle blog –, the BREAM project has grown to include some of our favorite beat makers, thus delaying its release until Record Store Day 04/18/2015. From the UK and back to the USA again, the BREAM TEAM of beat makers are a list of beat makers that you should know if you don’t already.

Beats Rule Everything Around Me – BREAM – is the brainchild of BBoyTech (a.k.a. Corry Banks a.k.a. Phashara) but it was curated by BBoyTech, Upright and The Passion HiFi. Upright, being one of the most well respected and revered Beatsmiths in the online Beat Making community put in a great deal of leg work in curating dope beat makers with dope beats stateside. Meanwhile The Passion HiFi, being one of the master minds behind DOPE VST, curated dope beats from the UK BREAM TEAM, so to speak.

Volume 1 of BREAM features some notable showings from M Simp (one of the men behind MSXII sound design company), Nev, BBoyTech, Upright, Es-K and Robot Orchestra as well as aforementioned DOPE VST boss, The Passion HiFi. In all honesty, The Passion HiFi said it best “Just listening to the whole tape now and its SERIOUS…prob some of the best beats you’ll hear this year no lie! honoured to be a part of this.”

Indeed, there are too many fresh beats gathered in one place here on this beat tape. Everyone on the joint showed up to show out. If you aren’t rocking this beat tape for the rest of 2015 your boom box is simply not certified dope!

But to further illustrate the fresh attributes of this project. Adam “ILLUS” Wallenta, acclaimed Emcee / Comic Book Artist – ( was tapped to craft the original abstract artwork for the project. Illus is known for his unrelenting work in the underground hiphop world with countless dope albums under his belt but he is also a well known and well respected comic book author and artist. He was responsible for the Public Enemy comic book, KRS-One’s “The BDP Album” artwork, J-Live’s “S.P.T.A” album artwork and a host of others. Needless to say, his contribution is as dope as the beats contained within.

Be sure to download the FREE 21 track project here – B.R.E.A.M Vol.1 .

Track List

 Upright Featuring Kair One- Bboy Anthem 00:34

The team includes


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