Moog announces the availability of the Werkstatt CV Expansion. I think this may be the beginning of something really cool as I can imagine various expansions to come. At any rate, this is indeed a dope expansion for this with and those that wish to own the Werkstatt. Let’s get that Werkstatt integrated into the lab with CV. (*pauses to click the buy link on Moog’s Site*)

The Werkstatt-01 CV Expander is available on Moog’s site and at select retailers. The price is $39.99.

Moog Says…

The Werkstatt-01 CV Expander converts Werkstatt’s 20 pin patchable expansion header to 12 grounded 3.5mm jacks. This allows your Werkstatt to easily interface with Eurorack Modules, sequencers, and other external CV equipped gear.



VCA: 0V to +5V in VCA EG Mode, +/-2.5V in VCA ON Mode

VCF: -5V to +5

VCO LINEAR FM: +/-2.5V (This is an inverting control input) 

VCO EXPONENTIAL FM: -5V to +5V, 1V/Octave, trimmable

LFO CV: – 5V to +5V (Negative CV slows LFO more than panel) 

VCF AUDIO: Unbuffered/Unmixed AC coupled input to VCF.


KB CV: Nominal 0.3V/semitone from 1 octave keyboard (Attenuate for 1V/Octave)

GATE: 0V (off) to +5V (on) gate signal generated from low note priority/ legato Keyboard circuit. (This jack may also be used as a GATE INPUT.)

EG: Simple ASD or AD type Envelope Generator, 0 to +5V signal

LFO: -2.5 to +2.5V wave shape selected from LFO Wave Switch.

VCF: -2V to +2 V signal for audio or CV uses.

VCO: 0V to +5V signal, shape selected by VCO Wave Slide Switch.

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