Moog Music Debuts New SOUNDCRAFTS Video Series Featuring BRYAN-MICHAEL COX.

In a very cool and palatable sort of way, it seems that Moog Music is appealing to the preset, prefab, premixed, sound kit, sample set, insta-beat generation of beat makers and musicians. SOUNDCRAFTS seems to me to be a great way to make a certain cluster of folks see the huge value in being able to create your own sound(s) and identity. Moog’s entire product line lends itself to this sort of ‘from scratch’ creativity. Even the products with presets encourage tweaking and changing the sounds to your liking and your needs.

In this time of analog resurgence, who else could or should drive that point home more than Moog Music. They’ve only provided the tools to leagues of legends since the beginning of time which in turn has allowed so many to craft the musical backdrop and soundtracks to our lives. (Word, its that deep!) Thank you Moog Music. Thank you Bernie Worrell, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, J Dilla and on and on and on…

My hope is that a video series like Moog’s SOUNDCRAFTS series will inspire the next generation of beat makers and musicians to create and think outside of the box. Sound design should be a huge part of how we produce music. Who knows… you could be the next Bernie, Stevie or Dilla.

Check out Mr. Cox in the 1st episode of SOUNDCRAFTS

What Moog says about the new series

Soundcrafts is a new video series from Moog that explores the importance of creating new sounds through insight from renowned artists, producers, and engineers from around the globe.

This first episode features Bryan-Michael Cox, a Grammy winning songwriter and producer who has worked with Mariah Carey, Usher, Destiny’s Child, and countless others during his extensive career. In this session Cox delves into the importance of creating and exploring new sounds, and its relationship to making lasting impressions on listeners.

Stay tuned to Moog Music’s website for more to come

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