Pittsburgh Modular DNA Symbiotic Waves is a 9 bit digital module. Here I’m getting familiar with the DNA Symbiotic Waves’ Balance CV feature by running the LFO to Bal CV so that I can hear the waves morph from wave 1 to wave 2. If the LFO set to slower speeds the morphing happens more gradually and if the LFO is set to faster speeds the morphing from one wave to another obviously happens more quickly and all in accordance to the LFO.

From the Pittsburgh Modular site…

A unique dual oscillator system paired with a comprehensive waveform processing and modulation section. Even with all this power, the interface of the Symbiotic Waves module is as intuitive and easy to use as all of the analog Pittsburgh Modular eurorack modules.

Symbiotic Waves mixes the output of the two oscillators using a unique waveform processor. The processor combines the waves using 1 of 16 different methods. Each processor mode offers manual and voltage control over wave balance and a mode specific controller function. 

In this video you’ll see me tweak other parameters besides the LFO and DNA Symbiotic Waves module but the video is mostly meant to demonstrate the DNA Symbiotic Waves’ Balance CV feature by running the LFO to Bal CV. So let’s check it out.


DNA SYMBIOTIC WAVES – Digital Processing Oscillator – $279

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