Desert Sound Studios Presents The Max for Live MK-iii Drum Machine

The MK-iii Drum Machine from Desert Sound Studios is a cutting-edge Max for Live drum machine built specifically for Ableton Live. Loosely based on the hard-edged digital drum machines of the late 80’s, the MK-iii combines a simple yet effective workflow with expressive sample playback capabilities. Unique to the MK-iii is its modular design. It exists as three separate M4L devices: the MIDI sequencer, drum sample player, and effects unit. By dragging these devices into Ableton Live’s various audio and MIDI tracks, this drum machine can be split, combined, and multiplied in whatever way works best for your music. The MK-iii also includes a drum sample kit recorded from a Boss DR-550 run through modern analog gear. For those into touch interface technology, there is also an optional Lemur template available for free download that controls nearly every parameter of the MK-iii with an iPad.

The MK-iii is available as a direct download from for $23.99. Ableton Live 9 Suite or Ableton Live 9 Standard + the Max for Live add-on is required to use these Max for Live devices.

For more info on features and specs, visit the MK-iii page:

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