The Analog Rytm is today’s future classic drum machine – certified Dope by BBOYTECHREPORT

One of my favorite Winter NAMM 2014 exhibitors was Elektron. I’m certain that if you follow the BBoyTechReport Instagram feed you’ve figured this out. The Analog Rytm is indeed impressive with its 8 analog voices, distortion and compression effects, x0x style programming in addition to the live play sequencing style. Then there is the µTime (+/-) nudging in addition to the swing parameter adjustment. Now, I’ve obviously not played with the Rytm in-depth but one of the Elektron guys showed me these cool timing and swing features and it was pretty dope to see things start to loosen up and swing the way I’d like them to usually swing.


Does it sample? The answer is NO. But it does load samples that you can then layer with the analog voices. That opens up a world of sound design capability.

The question was, “Do you like the SP1200 and MPC3000 (or maybe he said MPC 60)?” Well, “Of Course!” I said. So he took me over to the Analog Rytm and threw together a nice little sequence. Then he lit the fire on it with the compressor and distortion. I only wish my camera was on at that very moment.


The pads? Firm with no sharp edges and they are not cheesy/cheap at all. Rumor has it that Livid assisted with the design on the pads. Seems to be that this was a good choice for Elektron. Although the pads are smaller than say an MPC, Maschine or Tempest they are easy to work with and very playable.

At any rate, we managed to get a very cool demo of the Analog Keys and the Analog Rytm compliments of my new friends at Elektron and the homie Dataline (

Check it out here…

The The Analog Rytm ships this spring at a street price of $1549

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