The famed and legendary SP1200 has a “spiritual successor” called S2400 by Isla Instruments. From the moment it was leaked and subsequently announced, the S2400 had everyone buzzing. The result? A very successful pre-order blitz that cemented the S2400 as a potential modern classic.

The initial announcement had Isla Instruments shipping the S2400 in late 2019 / early 2020. However, delays abound because of the obsessive (in the most positive way) quality control and keen attention to detail in development. Makes sense… if you want it done right, it takes the time that it takes.

Today, Brad (owner of Isla Instruments), released another update as he is known to do pretty frequently to show steady progress in development. This particular update could be the most significant yet with the sequencer installed and working rather well, although still in development.

Brad also mentioned that he has received images from the factory in China showing the build process which he promises to share as well. Conversely, this means beta testers will have test units in hand very soon.

See the demo here…

About the project…

ISLA Instruments founder, Brad Holland has been obsessed with drum machines for many years. Owning, repairing, restoring, modifying countless makes and models (see his crazy HR-16 mods on youtube).

The S2400 is nothing short of a passion project. Along with a small team of talented Software Engineers, CAD Engineers, and revered artists, we have developed, what we think is a future classic.

Staying true to form in both sonic characteristics and design aesthetics were the main drivers in the realization of this project while bringing the hardware into the 21st Century and keeping the same ‘instant gratification’ and intuitiveness of its spiritual pre-predecessor at heart.

For more info head over to the Isla Instruments website.

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