Moog Music installed training wheels on the Theremin and renamed it Theremini. Brilliant!

So I’ve always been enamored with the Theremin. Even as far back as the 90’s when I studied for a degree in electronics the Theremin was going to be my senior project. The Theremin never happened but the degree certainly did. Anyways, I digress.

Moog’s latest incarnation of the Thermin is the seemingly Jetsons inspired Theremini. It is a Theremin but not in the classic sense of a Thermin. The Theremini has pitch quantization, midi over usb, CV out,  Built in tuner, 32 Wavetable based presets, Built in speaker, Headphone output, Two 1/4″ audio outputs and Delay effects. It can stand on its own 4 rubber feet or you can mount it on a mic stand as you would with a typical Theremin.

Moog Music took the time to demo the unit for us while at Winter NAMM 2014. Check it out.





Moog Music plans to ship the Theremini in May and is planning for a retail price of $299. For more info check the Theremini product page on Moog’s site.

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