“Warm, analogue, and cinematic all come to mind when I hear BLUE.” – Pedro Macedo Camacho (award-winning film and video game composer)

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: virtual instrument and effects plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is delighted to pass on substantial savings to its loyal customer base and beyond by drastically discounting its breakthrough BLUE virtual instrument in readiness for the upcoming BLUE-II followup…

Powered by RPCX (Rob Papen ConcreteFX), BLUE is an exciting soft synth that delivers FM synthesis, Phase Distortion synthesis, wave shaping synthesis, and subtractive synthesis in one seriously creative combination covering a wide range of musical styles, helped along by 2,000-plus inspirational Rob Papen presets to get your creative juices well and truly flowing forth for all to hear!

Indeed, Rob Papen collectively call it ‘Crossfusion synthesis’ since it covers so much musical ground courtesy of its six oscillator modules — A to F, each of which include analogue, additive, and spectral-type waveforms, with oscillators A and B also offering PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and Sym (Symmetry) control — that can be combined in various ways using 32 different modulation routings in the Algorithm screen; FILTER A and FILTER B — analogue-style modelled multimode (Parallel or Serial) stereo filters offering 6dB LP (lowpass), 6dB HP (high-pass), 12dB LP, 12dB HP, 12dB BP (bandpass), 12dB N (notch), 24dB LP, 24dB HP, 24dB BP, 24dB N, Ring, Comb, and Vox (formant) filter types with control by predefined modulation controllers like Env (envelope), Vel (velocity), KeyTrk (keytrack), and ModWhl (modulation wheel), plus nine associated AHDSFR (attack/hold/decay/sustain/fade/release) envelopes (Env); four multi-envelopes (Multi-Env) that can be built up using up to 16 sections with full graphic control and additional menus with presets; 10 MIDI-sync-able LFOs directly connected to PWM A, PWM B, Filter A, Filter B, Tremelo (amp), Vibrato (main pitch), and four free LFOs (Free A to Free D) — each with adjustable Poly/Mono/Free play modes, Key>Speed (keytracking), Symmetry, Smooth (smoothing), Attack, Decay, and Humanize functions; three modulation step sequencers (Step Seq) with Sequence Start/ Stop and Poly/Mono/Free play modes, Speed control and Smooth function; Mods (modulation matrix) with two pages of 10 slots, 22 synth sources, 23 MIDI sources, and no fewer than 91 synth destinations; 32-step Seq/Arp (mono sequencer and arpeggiator) with Length, Speed, Slide Amnt, Swing, and Vol Smooth functions and an abundance of step settings; and two high-quality FX boxes each offering self-explanatory Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distort, Low Fi, Stereo Widener, Reverb, Comb, Gator, Amp Sim, Wah/Delay, AutoPan, Chorus/Delay, Waveshaper, Ensemble, and Compressor effects with serial and parallel modes… this seemingly inexhaustible, ear-opening list goes on. And on! Almost as easy as ABC, right? Well, not quite!

Any serious synthesist can surely see that this is one serious soft synth that is truly a superior sound designer’s dream to behold! What’s even more remarkable is that BLUE represented a software dream come true for Rob Papen’s namesake founder and sought-after sound designer Rob Papen when he formed the aforementioned RPCX partnership with music software developer Jon Ayers to develop new Rob Papen virtual instruments and effects plug-ins, starting with BLUE back in 2005 as a powerful dream synth that has since stood the test of time to remain just that.

Little wonder, then, that BLUE has proven so popular throughout its lengthy lifetime, having set Rob Papen on a long and winding road to an abundance of software successes. Though the Rob Papen roadmap is now leading to BLUE-II in the not too distant future, until then the company is offering BLUE at a drastically discounted price, and, of course, you can still upgrade to BLUE-II once it is released — even if you purchased BLUE as recently as September 2013. Still feeling blue? Well, why not cheer yourself up today by buying BLUE at almost half its original asking price and take your music to higher levels of creativity than ever before while waiting to take them even higher!

BLUE can be purchased as a boxed version from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide for €79.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$99.00 USD or downloaded directly from Rob Papen here: http://www.robpapen.com/buy-blue.html

Watch the BLUE video tutorial here: http://www.robpapen.com/blue-video.html

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