The Ultimate Production Toolbox is one of the latest kits from The tag line reads “All You Need To Succeed.” That’s because there is just about everything you could want and need in this kit. It could very well be entitled, “The Kitchen Sink” as it contains everything but.

The Ultimate Production Toolbox weighs in at 2.3GB. That’s correct. It is not a typo. Typical kits contain only a fraction of samples as is in Ultimate Production Toolbox. It contains a plethora of “HD Samples, Drums & Instruments” including but not limited to one shot kicks, cymbals, crashes, claps, snares and hats, leads, basses and fx patches, vocal hits and stabs and even Kontakt instrument presets.

Word of caution… there are few things to consider before coping this kit. It is massively large in size (That is relative to the average downloadable kit.) Be sure you have at least a few Gigs of space available. Be sure to already own the full version of Kontakt (5.02 or newer). Be sure to own “the full version of Direct Wave (1.2 or newer)” in order to use the DW patches included. The Direct Wave patches are neatly packed into their own folder named, DW Library just as Kontakt presets are in a folder named Kontakt.

FL Studio Users please note, there are a good number of goodies for you in there as well. As per the instructions.txt file included with the The Ultimate Production Toolbox to use presets “open the Plugin presets by right clicking them and choosing “open in new channel.” To use mixer presets “Drag the mixer presets onto your mixer and drop them into a channel of your choice.”

So, like I mentioned, this kit / toolbox contains everything from samples to synth presets, from plugin presets to mixer presets. If you are not one for dealing with the nuances and drudgery of mixing, that’s no problem because there is a preset for what you may need. You are free to concentrate on being creative with beatmaking.

It’s worth noting that this kit was made in conjunction with Pablo Beats “to give you the most complete set of production tools on the market” in one kit / purchase. Therefor, you should know that this is best for a contemporary, modern, dirty south, 106 & Park flavor of Rap and R&B music production. If thats your goal this is your kit. These sounds are clean but punchy with a high definition mastered sound quality.


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