TTT’s Latest Trip into Deep Space is Arguably his Best Yet

Time Travelling Toaster has become quite the favorite over here during the past several months.

‘TTT’, as we affectionately call him, was declared one of our 13 favorite beatmakers of 2013 and deservedly so. His style is a unique mix of hip hop, electronica, broken beat and more. His projects show a fixation with the mysteries and beauties of space and ‘Sinus Roris’, Latin for “Bay of Dew” (a location of impact craters on the Moon location), continues to chronicle the journeys of an intrepid explorer of those vast and enigmatic expanses.

‘Sinus Roris’ is dramatic and engaging from the outset. The cinematic introduction of ‘11’ leads into ‘Into Superlunar’, which elegantly merges infectious house beats and hypnotic dub bass. The dub influence is apparent in several cuts on the project, including the next track ‘Oceanus _ Procellarum’. The staggeringly beautiful ‘Bay of Dew’, with its haunting low-filtered loop, heavy bass and perfectly placed blips, bleeps and Arabic vocal samples, mixes sci-fi with the spiritual to devastating effect.

A musical magpie, TTT takes elements from various beat-driven genres and merges them together without losing any cohesion or individuality. ‘The Space Enterprise’ is epic boom bap matching the dramatic chopped strings of ‘Moment of Truth’ era DJ Premier with Kev Brown and J Dilla style bass. Next comes the lively, soulful broken beat of ‘Astropot’ and the dusty, jazzy downtempo ‘Spacecom Yanvalou!’, Yanvalou being an African-Latin rhythmic dance used in Vodou rituals. If Boards of Canada, J Dilla and Black Milk had a musical baby together it would be the glorious ‘Gold Yamato 791197’ which, with its warm analogue synths and incessant and rugged drums, is another highlight.

The end of the album is full of downtempo grooves to get lost in with the enchanting wind chimes of ‘Otsukimi Funk’ and the exquisite thumb piano of ‘Luna’s Lullaby’. ‘Gold Jade (Going Home…)’, ‘Travels of Chang’e (炼丹术)’ and the end track ‘Cosmographics’ share an aquatic vibe which evokes images of pure underground rivers for the lunar explorer to wade into.

‘Sinus Roris’ is another essential addition to the catalogue of one of the most exciting beatmakers around. A captivating album from beginning to end, Time Travelling Toaster’s latest opus is an early contender for album of the year. Explore today.

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