For those of us that would like to understand synthesis more thoroughly, has put together a really dope series of tutorials entitled The Foundation Of Synthesis (101 – 106). Synth master Marc Doty of the Bob Moog Foundation does an incredible job at explaining every little detail of synthesis in an organized, historically accurate and entertaining fashion.

I dont think i was prepared for such an informative and historical discussion on synthesis but I’m glad it came in this form. I’ve heard all of these terms. I’ve used many of them and I’ve never fully been aware of their origins. To tell the truth I’ve never cared until Marc Doty covered the details so well. Now, as funny as it seems, I actually understand the synthesizer better just because of these details that I learned watching The Foundation Of Synthesis videos.

This is not meant to sound like an infomercial but I cant say enough about how much of a great resource this series is for the novice, intermediate player and/or the synth-geek-know-it-all.

Marc Doty of the Bob Moog Foundation makes it clear that it matters not what type of synth you are using. Software synth, hardware synth, new synth, classic synth etc. and so on, they all have the same components. You will learn in detail why these components are used and how they are used across the board. The best part is that the courses are broken out by component so you will get very in-depth lessons on each. There is no way you should walk away from this series without a better understanding of your synth. I highly recommend it.

I have to say of all the videos I’ve seen through the years has the best user experience, interface and presentation. The N.E.D. (Nonlinear Educating Device) is MacProVideo’s proprietary video tutorial player and downloader. You can download N.E.D. on your computer, mac and/or iPad. The convenience is great. I watched most of the vids on my ipad while i traveled.

Each course contains a minimum of 60 minutes of video with up to 22 videos in each course.  The Series includes the following courses.

Here’s a couple of Previews

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