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The iRig Pro Duo is the IK Multimedia’s mobile dual input audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC. In this compact package just slightly bigger than an old school box of cigarettes, you have a plethora of i/o connectivity that is perfect for the mobile musician and/or podcaster.


The build is lightweight which plays well into the whole mobile and portable deal. IK says it’s “the smallest full-featured dual-channel interface on the market.” There are two XLR/TRS combo input jacks on the bottom of the iRig Pro Duo. There are  “TRS to MIDI-DIN cables and dedicated MIDI in/out jacks” for easy control of your favorite software synths and hardware boxes such as drum machines, groove boxes, synthesizers and romplers. It comes complete with the ability to rock phantom power for those studio mics that require 48v. iRig Pro Duo even has 3.5mm (1/8″) Headphone out w/ level control and comes equipped with mini-DIN to Lighting, Micro USB OTG and standard USB cables. it does not come with DC power adapter but fortunately it is powered by 2 AA batteries.

So what’s it sound like? Well, I have to tell you that I’ve not been disappointed yet by IK Multimedia’s iRig sound quality. I use the iRig Pro nearly daily for capturing sound for video from my MPC and mix board. I run all my synths to the mix board and when I make quick instagram beat vids, the iRig Pro captures pristine sound (albeit in mono). That said, iRig Pro Duo is no exception. Now I can get a little fancy and run two lines of source audio (left and right) to the destination whether that is my computer, iPad, iPhone or whatever. The best part about it is that the listener gets treated to dope direct sound quality. No one would ever guess such great sound comes from such a small package.


Includes the following iOS apps

Includes the following Mac/PC software

  • AmpliTube Metal with Custom Shop,
  • T-RackS Classic mixing and mastering suite (comes with 4 processors),
  • SampleTank 3 SE  – (sample workstation with 6.5 GB of samples)
  • 6 Free virtual instrument collections for SampleTank 3
  • The Grid plus 5 instrument collections
  • plus 25 free Gear Credits to use in the Custom Shop.

Includes the following Android apps




  • Truly mobile dual input audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC
  • Simultaneous dual track recording interface for all instruments
  • Ultra-compact housing for extreme portability
  • Dual identical XLR/TRS combo input jacks
  • Dual ultra-low noise studio-quality IK preamps
  • Individual input gain controls
  • 48V phantom power
  • Self-powered (2 AA batteries), device powered or DC power adapter (not included)
  • 24-bit AD-DA converters
  • Dual 1/4” switchable TRS balanced outs
  • 1/8” 3.5mm Headphone out w/ level control
  • MIDI IN/OUT jacks
  • Ultra-compact housing fits in the palm of your hand
  • Comes with mini-DIN to Lighting, Micro USB OTG and standard USB cables
  • Designed and made in Italy

bboy_review_scale_4_5Overall, the iRig Pro Duo solves a couple of problems for the mobile musician; 1.) how to get great quality recordings (be it vocals, guitar, synths or DJ sets) on the go for the moments when serial collabos (uh, oops… collaborations) are the order of the day, and 2.) how to control soft synths and /or send midi to and from hardware synths and groove boxes while mobile. The iRig pro duo provides top notch flexibility and it finally (at long last) has a way to get more than just mono sound into your DAW, iOS or Android app of choice. I do wish these devices were made of a bit more solid material as it can seem a bit plasticy. Whatever the case, it sounds great and that makes up for the plastic build. It’s definitely a must have for any mobile musician, IG beatsmith or podcaster. Additionally the value goes up exponentially when considering the amount of apps, software and/or sounds that IK has bundled with the iRig Pro Duo. Solid buy indeed.

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