Diggin’ In The Wires Modbap compilation drops in Digital and limited run white 12″ vinyl formats on March 05, 2021.

Beatppl.com gears up to drop ‘Diggin’ In The Wires’ Volumes 1 & 2 in digital format via Beatppl.Bandcamp.Com and all major digital/streaming services. Doubling down on the release, Beatppl opens preorders on March 5th, 2021 for the limited run 12″ white double LP on Beatppl.com.

Diggin’ In The Wires (DITW) features almost 20 beatmakers who are exploring and pushing the boundaries of hip hop music production with the incorporation of modular synthesis and electronic boom-bap vibes, otherwise known as Modbap.

Avid Modbap movement supporter, Switched On Bap & SmackPack Challenge creator – legendary producer SkiBeatz (Jay-Z, Camp Lo, and many more) contribute to the compilation with a banger that opens up the project on volume 1. Also present and contributing heat are the creators and innovators of the Modbap movement – BboyTech, Voltage CTRLR, and Upright to name a few. Also, Kyspski drops by to supply 2 very special Syntablism (Turntablism and Modular Sythesis) intros/interludes.

Diggin In The Wires Drops on March 5th. | Livestream the Showcase on March 6th.

To celebrate the release of Diggin’ In The Wires (DITW), SoCal Synth Society and Beatppl are hosting a 2.5 hour live stream event featuring Modbap beat sets by @kypski , @neuneu8, @dngrhndz, @cvd0p3, @kin_sventa, @skarekrowmusic, @rookwalmofficial, @bboytechreport, and @voltagectrlr. Show Date & Time 03/06/2021 @ 1 pm pacific on Socal Synth Society’s youtube channel https://youtu.be/xCh0QLLs-wo

The Diggin’ In The Wires album Line up?

Diggin’ In The Wires – Vol. 1

1 . #Syntablism Interlude – @Kypski
2 . High Voltage – @skibeatz
3 . Portishead Tribute XII – @FatVonFree
4 . Collusion @GeraldFjord
5 . bali oO0))scillations – @kin_sventa
6 . Pineapples – @skarekrowmusic
7 . Inner Siddhi Vortex – @Voltagectrlr
8 . Pushback – @bolt.wav
9 . Hawk Eye – @bboytechreport
10 . Chasing Tomorrow – @flux302

Diggin’ In The Wires – Vol. 2

1 . Syntablism Interlude Two – @Kypski
2 . Guitar Modular Star – @upright.music
3 . Ready To Go – @ali.the.architect
4 . Sunset Palmtree – @dngrhndz
5 . Just… Transcend – LExCWealth aka @cvd0p3
6 . Shlumpy – @ShawnBarger
7 . Sweep3 – @_kndwrd
8 . Branches – @rookwalmofficial
9 . Skyscrapper – @BBoyTechreport
10 . Dead Robots – mr acetate

Diggin’ In The Wires vinyl is limited. Get it when pre-order is made available on March 5th, 2021 on Beatppl.com – https://beatppl.com/products/diggin-in-the-wires-double-lp-12-vinyl-set .

For the digital download of Diggin’ In The Wires head over to Beatppl.bandcamp.com on March 5th, 2021 to support indie music on Bandcamp Friday.

About Beatppl.com

BeatPPL is a boutique sound design and  beatmaker’s lifestyle brand founded by Corry Banks. As purveyors of fine hip-hop and boom-bap, our goal is to infuse your library with high quality, unique sample packs that elevate productions of any genre. 

Our sound design process is based on a practical hardware production workflow. To bring our sample packs to life, we employ the use of a variety of sought after vintage instruments, classic samplers, analog synths – drum machines – filters, modular eurorack effects and reel to reel tape machines.

Our musical releases are often a concerted effort in challenging the typical genre-driven trend. BeatPPL music is a boom-bap-driven fusion of sorts that pushes the boundaries of artistic experimentation. It’s not just music. It’s art. It’s an experience that each release reinforces.

Art over mass! We care enough about our art to put creativity ahead of mass production. 


About Modbap & Modbap.com

MODBAP is the fusion of modular synthesis and boom-bap (or any form of hip-hop) music production. The term was created by Corry “BboyTech” Banks as a denotation of his experiments with modular synthesis and boom-bap music production. From that point forward, a movement was born where like-minded creatives built a community around the idea of Modbap.  Modbap Modular is the result of that movement in the synthesizer design space where we’d previously not existed.


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