Producer/composer/live performer Trovarsi and audiovisual/multimedia artist Chantal deFelice have launched Modulation Sound Lab, a Patreon-funded space for learning, community, and collaboration.

Southern California, USA: 

“Do you make sounds and/or music using analog, modular and/or other electronic methods? 

Do you find that you learn faster and have more fun when you are working in community or collaboration? 

We agree!”

When creating Modulation Sound Lab, Trovarsi & Chantal set out to share their complementing perspectives and knowledge with soundmakers/musicians at a range of experience levels, in an inclusive environment where all people – and all questions – are welcome. 

They also wanted to bridge the gap between tutorials and full-on classes, and found the answer through scalable tiers of membership in Patreon, which offer their patrons (AKA Modulators) access to a slew of benefits to enrich their journey in sound/music creation.

At the center of these benefits are two levels of interactive instructional sessions, taking place in groups on Zoom for now, but with IRL plans when possible. 

Stage 1 learning sessions begin with the basics of: hardware, modular, Ableton, sequencing/programming techniques, MIDI-controllers, synthesis, music theory tips, and more.

Stage 2 instruction dives deeper into hybrid setups, live performance techniques, integrating pedals & instruments, recording tracks, plug-ins, and analysis on specific modular/hardware.

Modulators are encouraged to ask questions related to their own existing (or future) setups, and to contribute feedback/requests in order to shape these learning sessions according to the needs of the group. 

To supplement the group learning, and for the golden opportunity to pick the brain of a dynamic producer/composer/live performer, the top tiers offer 1 on 1 consultations for personal project feedback, specific tech questions and advice. 

As a compliment to the technical know-how, Modulation Sound Lab hosts Voltage Amplifier, a monthly salon to discuss concepts, ideas and philosophies related to sound and music. 

In addition to all this goodness, members have access to a private Discord chat to further the connections made in the learning sessions- with channels dedicated to sharing sounds, music, book recommendations, setup pics, events/performances, tech questions, and of course- a channel to trade/buy/sell gear.

Modulation Sound Lab is in its first month of operations, it’s a great time to join up! 

Check out their Patreon to find out more:

Trovarsi is a LA based music producer, composer and live performance artist who brings a unique sound to the world of electronic music. Her hybrid set-ups and experimentation with different hardware help her make each set a unique, captivating experience, every time. 

Trovarsi is a co-host of Gear Dive Jam, and has been featured in YouTube tutorials for Perfect Circuit, Make Noise & Electronisounds Audio, as well as taught in-person workshops at Music Production schools such as: Musicians Institute, Point Blank, Beat Lab Academy and Music Vault Academy.

Trovarsi is one of the founding members of the Southern California Synth Society, whose purpose is to educate and facilitate interest in electronic music through synthesizers, modular diy builds and community events.

Chantal deFelice is an independent audiovisual artist working in drawing, painting, live video projection and sound. Themes such as metamorphosis, deep time & space, architectural decay, microscopic realms and watery growth loop through her various media, connecting them in an overall study of life. She is also a member of SoCal Synth Society.

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