KORG’s Volca Series Expands for WNAMM 2019

Melville, NY – January 15th, 2019 – KORG’s powerful volca line continues to grow with the announcement of two models debuting at the Winter NAMM show. New to the series is the volca modular; the first modular to feature a semi-modular, patchable layout, making it a unique-sounding addition to any volca collection. The volca drum; a digital percussion synthesizer focused on the creation of sounds and patterns that other drums machines simply cannot create, thanks to its physical modeling-based engine, dual-layer drum parts, comprehensive motion sequencing and sequencer tricks.

The volca modular is an entirely new approach for the KORG brand as its first patchable modular volca. Adopting the “west-coast” style of synthesis, the volca modular puts eight fully-fledged “modules,” together in a volca chassis with 50 patch points, connectable with easy to use pin cables. Notably, the new volca is a semi-modular synth, providing a convenient patchless experience as well.

Unlike previous percussion-based volcas, the volca drum covers a variety of rhythmic tones, including standard percussive sounds, as well as some eccentric drum styles unique to the volca. The volca drum has a flexible DSP digital synthesis engine, making a wide sonic range possible, an integral part of music production.

“The [volca] modular and [volca] drum installments mark a new era in what volcas can be capable of,” says James Sajeva, Director of Music Technology Brands at KORG USA, Inc. “volca modular will surely bring the experience of patchable modular synths to a whole new audience, and volca drum will be a go- to rhythm machine for those looking for fresh and innovative sounds and rhythmic possibilities,” concludes Sajeva.

The volca drum and volca modular will both be available early 2019 for $149.99 and $199.99 respectively. They will be debuted at WNAMM 2019 at the KORG USA, Inc. booth, Hall B #8802.

For more information, visit www.korg.com

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