BBoyTech Modular Journal Episode 3 – Expert Sleepers ES-3 – MPC Drums via Modular Processing

In this episode of BBoyTech’s Modular Journal (episode 3) I continue on my choice of modules and workflow. My focus in this episode is to send drums and / or samples or whatever else from my MPC Ren software to the modular.

As I mentioned before I the Synapse module is my conduit between modular and hardware synths via the Analog Four. But here in episode 3, the Expert Sleepers ES-3 takes center stage as the conduit between my DAW / MPC and the modular rack. As described by Expert Sleepers “The ES-3 is a Eurorack format module which converts eight channels of ADAT Lightpipe input to DC coupled outputs on 3.5mm jacks, for the ultimate convenience in connection of a DAW directly to analogue synthesizers.”

Let’s dig in…

Check out Expert Sleepers ES-3 here:

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