The Phenol by Kilpatrick Audio is indeed a job well done. The idea is to provide a complete package that sort of eases you into eurorack modular synthesis. Can you say gateway drug? Phenol bleeds analog modular synth tones but it looks and feels like a cool new desktop synth. Appealing to the newbs of all novices and the elitist eurorack experts alike.

Described by Kilpatrick Audio as, “a new type of electronic instrument from Kilpatrick Audio. Inspired by modular synthesizers, Phenol offers the creative potential, sound and hands-on experience of a modular synth, in a sleek, compact and affordable package. And best of all, Phenol is 100% compatible with modular systems because it uses the same voltages and banana connectors as the Kilpatrick Format and similar modular synthesizers.”

To tell the truth I’d noticed Phenol during its Kick Starter run. I had great intentions to post on it then but life has a way of distracting me from time to time. At any rate, I’m glad to see that Phenol’s Kick Starter run was a success. I only wish I’d gotten a chance to partake as I intended. I get the feeling this one is going to be large. A-Yo Kilpatrick Audio, one for me and one for my guy Upright for capturing the video at NAMM 2015

The Phenol by Kilpatrick Audio


  • Banana patch system with colour-coded jacks and voltages compatible with Kilpatrick Format and other modular systems – Phenol Production Panel Layout
  • Two analog VCOs – triangle, ramp and pulse outputs
  • Two analog filters (low pass and high pass)
  • Two analog VCAs with level control
  • Two envelope generator / LFO combos with many unique features
  • An LFO with sine and random output
  • Internal MIDI to CV converter with DIN and USB MIDI interfaces
  • Compact mixer with digital delay with over 330ms of delay time
  • Digital pulse divider – divide MIDI clock or LFO output to create 4 musical time divisions
  • Buffered mixer / mult / inverter with level control
  • External audio input allows a stereo input to be patched like an oscillator signal – process your drum machine or other source through the system
  • Rear panel connections / controls:
    • USB-B port for USB MIDI connection to a PC / Mac
    • Headphone and line outputs (1/4″ jacks)
    • Power button
    • DC power input – 2.1mm coax – centre positive 24VDC
    • Ground banana jack
    • External input (1/4″ jacks)
  • Approx. dimensions: 15.8″W x 8.8″L x 2.5″H (including feet and knobs)
  • Designed and made in Canada using high quality parts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Price and Availability

$849 USD Retail Price
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