Let’s chop it up with Mark Verbos!

I’ve always been fascinated by makers and the making of things. So much in fact that I earned an electronics associates degree back in the 90’s. Heaven only knows I should have parlayed that knowledge and skill into building and manufacturing my own eurorack modules. But my heart has always been in making the music instead. Still, I am always very interested to hear the stories of the makers out there.

This particular maker is Mark Verbos. Many modular  heads know of Mark from the many many events and electronic music forums around. He owns and operates his very own eurorack modular synth electronics company called Verbos Electronics. Verbos’ modules stand out because of their signature red knobs and various parts. Verbos’ modules are inspired by but not copies of certain Buchla modules. This combo of stand out red modules and rather unique designs puts Mark in a class of his own.

I met Mark Verbose about a year ago while attending a synth meet in Santa Monica. We chatted for a bit about his modular synth products. Then we chatted a bit more about his background one of the few US cats that worked on Buchla synths.

I found the story and the synths modules pretty fascinating. We declared that night that we’d soon get together for an interview on BBoytechreport.com. Well, while at Knobcon a couple of weeks ago someone introduced me to Mark Verbos again and…  I figured, maybe it’s time to do that interview.

In the video Mark talks a bit about how he was mentored into the business by way of Buchla synth repair. In his apprenticeship he eventually inherited the Buchla repair business and Verbos was soon born from this journey.

Let’s hear the story and much more from Mark Verbos himself.

Keep up with Mark Verbos and Verbos Electronics…

Website: www.verboselectronics.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/verboselectronics/

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