In this episode of the BBoyTech Modular Journal I am building a little 48hp skiff. I have named it my drum machine buddy or the miid skiff. So far I’ve used it in reviews (stay tuned) along side the Arturia DrumBrute and the pending Novation Circuit review. It makes such a perfect little companion to any drum machine or pad controller of the sort.

This episode of BBoyTech Modular Journal sort of follows me  through the process of unboxing a gang of Synthrotek modules as I add them to the lot of existing modules that I’ve acquired. It all comes together as a cool little exploration of building a skiff and the lessons that I learned along the way.

So, I didnt have a flying bus cable for my Red Super Power. This mean that I couldn’t finish putting together the little skiff when i filmed the initial video. I ended ujp getting what i needed a few days later. Then I realized I was not fond of the Disting VCA options. So I opted to remove the DLY by Synthrotek. Then I copped the Erica Synths Pico Dual VCA. That prompted me to use one of the LFOs in the Disting MK3.

So… here it is.

Modules used




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