ALM Busy Circuits makes a some very unique and retro-leaning eurorack modules. When I say retro-leaning, I mean in terms of clear inspiration drawn from classic samplers (Squid Salmpler & MUM M8 filter), FM synths (Akemies modules), and video game system audio (SID Guts Deluxe). This is what makes their line of modules so dope. It’s always like a bit of a throw-back to the future with each module that they make.

The least of which is the Squid Salmpler. As described by ALM, “The ‘Squid Salmpler’ is a Eurorack 8 channel audio & CV sampler. It is designed for immediate real-time sampling, editing and mangling within a modular context.”

The immediacy is an obvious standout for the Squid Salmpler. But what I was most impressed with is the fact that each channel allows you to adjust the bit depth (from 16 bits to 1) and sample rate (from 44khz to 4). With this sort of control per channel, each instrument can be as LoFi or as clean and varied as you desire. I couldn’t help but to think of it as a lofi playground of sorts with most of its parameters CV-able.

“Each channel can have various parameters edited all in real time; bit depth, rate, lo fi playback speed/pitch, amplitude level with a simple envelope, looping with crossfade, playback direction, start, end and loop ‘cue’ positions, multiple cue groups and more.”

ALM Busy Circuits

Although Squid Salmple is a versatile sampler, it comes ready loaded with a plethora of drum sample kits. They all punch pretty nicely too. All of the kits are aligned similarly so when you switch kits on the fly the kick and snare etc. lands where the previous kits Kick and Snare landed and it happens seamlessly. There is so much realtime control.

Check out this video with a few unexpected tricks that are possible if you are open to the creative patching.

I can’t say enough about the lofi capabilities and how it seems to have endless possibilities that I will be exploring for a good while. Not only that, but it goes far beyond just a drum sampler and playback unit with the ability to create delays, explore granular sampling, live looping, slicing, and a gang of other things.

The ALM Squid Salmple is priced at $499.

For more info head over to ALM’s Squid Salmple product page.

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