WaveTracing has combined the sound of the SP1200 and S950 into one plugin – the SP950

Wavetracing has lovingly put together a reimagined SP1200 plugin that combines the well known SP1200 tone and aliasing with the also well known and loved sound of the S950 sampler’s filter. Together, they are the SP950.

Wavetracing ‘s SP950 comes in a few different flavors, Effect plugin (20€), Web interface (free), and Desktop (still in development).

Screen capture from @Buscrates IG post.

About the tone…

If you are familiar with the E-mu SP-1200* workflow, you know the way the device is typically used is with a pitched-up source such as a turntable playing a LP record at 45RPM or 78RPM, and a detune after sampling in the SP-1200* to get back to the original pitch and duration. 

– Wavetracing

About the filter…

Another well-known workflow is the combination of the SP and an Akai* S950 low-pass filter to isolate a bass line. The digitally-controlled analog 6th-order Butterworth low-pass filter of the Akai* S950 is reproduced here for that purpose, as well as the possibility to mitigate some high-frequency detune artifacts.

– Wavetracing

Our guy Buscrates took the plunge, copping the VST plugin version of the S950. The results are below in his bangin’ IG post.

Here is a demo of the S950 from the makers.

About the interface…

The minimalist interface is fully compatible with HiDPI/Retina displays for crisp rendering. The LCD color scheme can be chosen among 6 presets using the small button on the right of the LCD. Beside aesthetic considerations, this serves as a visual clue to differentiate multiple plugin instances inside a project.

– Wavetracing


  • Faithful SP sound
  • Akai* S950 filter emulation
  • Combined RPM/detune slider
  • Multiple LCD color schemes
  • HiDPI / Retina compatible
  • No hassle registration (serial)
  • Free updates
  • VST3 / AU

For more info, head over to Wavetracing.com

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