We recently had a good conversation with DJ Bless about his background in hip-hop as an artist/emcee, producer, audio engineer, and product ambassador.

As an artist and producer, DJ Bless is credited with created Ghetto Metal – a perfect blend of hip-hop and metal. Being a fan of metal all of his life contrasted with finding himself in the midst of the hip-hop culture in NYC can be credited for how he eventually created the style and coined the phrase.

As a brand ambassador, DJ Bless has found himself endorsing and endorsed by brands such as Handsom Audio (Zulu – Passive Hardware Tape Emulator) and Wes Audio (outboard gear, 500 series audio processors). As a matter of fact, at NAMM last year and I looked up and there was DJ Bless on the screen at Wes Audio talking about Wes Audio products.

Most recently, DJ Bless is taking his first foray into music for TV and Film. I’m sure there are a lot of good things to come.

Keep up with DJ Bless on his website https://neversodeeprecords.com/ or IG https://www.instagram.com/sutterkainnsd/

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