MPC Tutorials is a music production resource for Akai MPC users. MPC Tutorials gives technical insight & techniques, helping music producers improve their beat making skills. MPC Tutorials offers tutorials (legacy MPC’s, MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, & MPC Fly), tips, freebies, sounds & loops, & drum samples for music producers.

As prepares for launch, got the chance to chop it up with the men behind the scenes about what it’s all about.

Tell us a bit about the men/women behind the MPC Tutorials? how many of you are there? Are you all producers and beatmakers?

There are many faces behind MPC Tutorials and not all of us are producers or beat makers. Each person brings their own expertise and passion to the table which is what makes MPC Tutorials different. It is a collaboration of people from different backgrounds around the world bringing their own style.

How’d you all link up?

We mainly connected through the power of the web and YouTube. It is a great thing all of us are located across the world and are still able to collaborate

[pullquote]It doesn’t matter what you call yourself it matters what your music sounds like and what it means to the musician.[/pullquote]Years ago when neo-soul gained popularity some neo soul acts refused the term “neo-soul” in favor of simply “soul” so as to remove any differentiation between them and those that came before them (i.e. Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway). Similarly, some producers and musicians dont like the term “Beat Maker”. I assume this is because it may make light of their musicianship. What are your thoughts on the term and it’s stigma given the fact that your site appeals to the “Beat Maker”?

We really don’t get too worked up over labels. We are all more about the music and the history behind it. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself it matters what your music sounds like and what it means to the musician.

What was the driving force behind the idea of MPC Tutorials?

There are many driving forces behind MPC Tutorials, but our main force is our passion to educate people on how to better use and understand their equipment and bring them unique techniques to improve their overall sound in an easy manner.

Have you ever been a Maschine user? 

Many of the the producers on MPC Tutorials are Maschine owners as well. MPC Tutorials isn’t about arguing over equipment. Any solid piece of music equipment has it’s good qualities. However, all of our producers have been using MPCs for years and no matter what equipment comes out they all seem to find themselves back at an MPC.

If you could make the ultimate beat box / groove machine what would it be and what would you call it? The Next Generation series from Akai is pretty close to our ideals.

How’d you go about choosing the producers that will host your tutorial vids?

The producers on our site is what makes MPC Tutorials special. We chose producers that have a history of creating educational tutorials. Many of our producers have been helping others improve their sound through tutorials, forums, and in person for years. We selected those that have a natural tendency to educate and of course make hot music themselves. Our producers are all making a living from their music career and their beats prove it.

[pullquote]We want our customers to know that we want to bring them information that THEY want. [/pullquote]There was an interesting tidbit in your “about us” page “MPC Tutorials is a customer driven tutorial site. Want a tutorial on a specific topic? Great, request your tutorial and one of our producers will create it.” This is a very customized approach? Why is it important to appeal to your customers in that way?

We want our customers to know that we want to bring them information that THEY want. This site is for them and we want our customers to play an active part in it. If there is a tutorial that our customers want we want to deliver it, plain and simple. If we aren’t making tutorials that answer their questions then the whole site is kind of pointless. Our producers will also create tutorials on topics they feel are important for our audience to know on a regular basis, however our customers questions are very important to us. We are sure that if one person has a question there are probably many more out there who have the same question.

Take a look at the MPC Ren unboxing video presented by Zeek Zilla

How much does it cost to join?

Becoming an all access member costs you $12.99 a month. However you can also purchase tutorials on a tutorial by tutorial basis, however each tutorial starts at $8.00 per tutorial. As a member you get access to all of our tutorials.

How does membership work? Is it a pay per download service, streaming service etc?

It is a monthly membership. Every month you will get new tutorials from all of our producers. With your monthly membership you have access to all of our tutorials all day and night.

MPC Tutorials membership is a monthly membership. Every month new tutorials will be added to site. With the monthly membership our members have access to all of our tutorials 24 x 7.

Will you offer other products and merchandise? 

Yes, anyone coming to the site can purchase anything from our store 24 x 7. However our members will receive regular discount coupons in our newsletters. Our store will include, drum kits, loops & samples, MPC gear, and exclusive beat tapes from our producers.

What are your thoughts on Akai’s new line of MPCs?

Excited! It is exciting to be apart of the music industry at a time when Akai is releasing their new line that is so very different from their traditional MPCs. Each piece of equipment brings something unique to the table. We most interested in seeing where the MPC Fly takes music producing, considering it’s compatibility with the iPad, portability and price.

Do you have a favorite thus far?

Akai MPC Studio, mainly because of it’s portability and style.

Where do you see MPC Tutorials in say 5 years when potentially the entire line of MPCs could change again?

We see MPC Tutorials as the #1 tutorial site for Akai MPC’s. We hope to bring our customers everything that they need to complete their music making toolset. By doing this we are committed to bringing quality tutorials, sound kits, drum kits, and gear. We hope to be the place that people refer to when they want information on making great music or learning about a piece of equipment.

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