So… folks know my affinity for boombap and classic hip-hop. Because of it, I get mostly fresh projects sent to me on the regular. Along those lines the homie sent me this dope to death project from Detroit’s own DJ Dez & DJ Butter entitled A PIECE OF THE ACTION. I checked it out and the blunted and dirty boombap on Track 1 (Legends In The Game featuring Hell Rell, Wesley Valentine) caught my attention immediately. By the time track 3 dropped (O.G.Z featuring Phat Kat, VStylez, Elzhi) I was open.

So then I hit the homie back. Long story short…  A PIECE OF THE ACTION is in heavy rotation and the below is the result of the interview that happened shortly thereafter.

Tell us a bit about your back grounds

DJ Dez says: My Parents are Cuban and Jamaican. My Dad is a Grammy Winning Percussionist. I was raised partly in California, Detroit and New York. My Rhyme Name is Sylvio Vega also.

DJ Butter says: My Mom is from Alabama and My Pops is from Detroit, Michigan. My Pops was a Drum Major at Mumford High School, so he always had equipment laying around the crib. So I Got the Music Bug Early. Born and Raised in Detroit City, I lived on the East and Westside of the D. My Rhyme Name is Mister Clean.

How long have you both been DJing?

DJ Butter says: I Got My first pair of turntables at 13 years old
DJ Dez says: I’ve Been at the Music Scene for Almost two Decades Strong.

I hear a lot of talk about vinyl vs digital DJs from DJ purists, Are you both vinyl purists? why so? why not?

DJ Dez: I Record Shop all the Time
DJ Butter: Theres Nothing Like reading the credits, The Artwork and the feel of the vinyl itself is Different.

As DJs what are your biggest pet peeves about DJs today?

DJ Butter says: The DJ is missing out the music, Cutting and Scratching aswell.
DJ Dez says: That’s the main thing.

Tell us about your thoughts on where Detroit Hip Hop is today in contrast to say 15 years ago?

DJ Butter: Alot Of HeartBreak after Dilla, Proof , Blade and even Mc Breed’s Death. We just hear to Restore that Good Feeling.
DJ Dez: Keeping Cats Motivated.

I snagged this from the bio… ““Detroit music is from the soul,” says DJ Butter. “From R&B to Hip Hop, our history here is amazing.”” What can we attribute this to? Why do you think the D is the heart and pulse of soul music for so long running from Hittsville to Dilla?

DJ Butter says: Detroit is the Cream of The Crop, so much Soul here. So much has been Sacrificed for People to Witness, Detroit History overall.

I’ve noticed that the D seems to have a real sense of community and unity in hiphop, why do you think that is? whats the secret sauce to the Ds camaraderie?

DJ Butter Says: We all have that Same Determination, Dez and I help formed a non profit organization called , for our friends in the Rap Game to Showcase their talent to help the youth and Different causes that can enrich the community.djdezbutta2

How did the two of you decide to come together for this new project “A Piece of the action”?

DJ Dez Says: It’s just time. The Game Needs It.
DJ Butter Says: We’ve been cooking this project up for 3 years or more.

As beatmakers, what inspires you to make beats? What inspires your production?

DJ Dez says: I just love Good Music.
DJ Butter says: New Experiences

Is there any particular equipment that you’ve gotten rid of over the years that you now regret?

DJ Butter says: I have lost a lot of equipment at wild parties to being damaged. I try to hold on to all my stuff

DJ Butter, word has it that you’ve released released over 250 mixtape titles, in my eyes that makes you the mixtape aficionado. how have you seen that game change over the years?

DJ Butter Says: The Term Mixtape is use to Often, without having mixing in the Tape

Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with? and why?

DJ Butter says: Guilty Simpson, Boldy James and my artist, Wesley Valentine. Of Course the late great, Proof of D12.
DJ Dez says: Amp Fiddler, to many to name.

Advice for aspiring DJ / Producers?

DJ Butter: Invest In yourself
DJ Dez: Be Creative

What your weapon of choice for beatmaking?

DJ Dez says: AKAI MPC 2000, SP 1200
DJ Butter says: MPC aswell and my CDJs

Favorite cut on the new project?

DJ Butter says: That’s a tough question. It’s too Early to answer that one.
DJ Dez says: The Whole Project.

What’s coming up for you guys?

DJ Dez says: A lot of touring, Dropping some more 12inches under my alias, Andres’
DJ Butter says: Wesley Valentine 4th Letta Muzik and some DVD stuff in the works.


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