Having a home studio has its fun stuff. As a matter of fact, its mostly all fun stuff. The only thing more fun that lusting for gear is actually acquiring gear and using it to make incredible music.

Then there is the not-fun stuff. All the stuff that makes no sound, is categorized in my mind as not so fun and most studio dwellers tend to overlook the importance and utility of it all. Stands of any sort, mic stands, keyboard stands, desktop synth and drum machine stands and risers… nothing about these things are fun. But it’s all totally necessary for ergonomics, functionality, and productivity.

For instance, without the proper monitor stands, you’ll never realize the proper listening height. Without some sort of isolation to separate or decouple your monitors from the surfaces that they rest on, you’ll never truly realize the actual sound that you should be hearing.

That’s where Soundrise’s Pro Studio Monitor Stands come in.

Soundrise Pro Monitor Stand with KRK Rokit 6’s and “Domes by Soundrise” for decoupling.

The good folks over at Soundrise sent over these Soundrise Pro Monitor Stands. They are a sleek and smart design that brings together both utility and great looking design.

Here are a few highlights

  • Sound Enhancing Speaker Stands – These studio monitor stands are designed to eliminate unwanted resonance and absorb vibrations between your desk and the speakers which provides more accurate base and tweeter clarity.
  • Universal Satellite Speaker Support – Soundrise PRO speaker stands can be used with most 5” to 8” reference monitors including Yamaha HS5, KRK Rokit5, and other popular models in professional technician and DJ studios.
  • Smart C-Shaped Design – Along with enhancing sound clarity for audiophile quality results these vertical surround sound speaker stands provide 9” of lift to help save valuable desk space; vital to managing other sound equipment.
  • Well-Balanced Metal Frame – Soundrise studio monitor stands come in pairs and are laser cut from an industrial-grade aluminum to provide you with long-lasting durability and resilience for all your music-making or enjoyment needs.

Additionally, they come with 8X Silicone Rubber Feet to prevent damage to furniture and to stabilize the sleek metal stands from any vibrations and movement.

PRO TIP… Be sure to cop the “Domes by Soundrise” for decoupling and isolation. These little gems work well for isolating your monitors from the surface of the stand, thereby giving you better bass response and better overall sound from your monitors.

Facts, Soundrise Pro Monitor Stands are a winning choice for functionality, utility, and design. At first glance, $149 per pair can seem a bit hefty for monitor stands but that’s not as pricey as other less sleek and ergonomic monitor stands on the market and the Soundrise stands are just dope.

Yup! That’s what it boils down to. These stands are all that they are advertised to be and some. So, if you like a certain design cue and a neat presentation, these are the ones to rock with.

For more info, visit https://soundrisepro.com/

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