We recently had a chance to catch up with Chicago’s own Rashid Hadee.

Hadee has been going hard in the paint for years now in the world of underground hip-hop. In this interview, he reveals his background in Mississippi learning the ropes of indie hip-hop under the likes of David Banner before heading back to Chicago to further develop his production skills on Cool Edit and Fruity Loops.

In the “blog era”, Rashid Hadee mentions that he was fortunate enough to make in-roads with blogs like 247HH.com and FakeShareDrive.com which proved invaluable for his career and future releases.

808s and Hadee

Rashid Hadee also reveals how he and Phonte from Little Brother met and exchanged contact info which led to an unexpected call from 9th Wonder the next day. This interaction led to a bit of hanging out and eventually to Hadee producing “Dreams” on Little Brother’s “Get Back” album.

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Keep up with Rashid Hadee on https://rashidhadee.com/

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