Questlove from The Legendary Roots Crew drops many many jewels in this Red Bull Academy lecture series back in 2005. The lecture digs deep into the behind the scenes details about Things Fall Apart, Phrenology & Tipping Point. He even touches on the transitional records like Common’s Electric Circus and how things unfolded with it and Phrenology while going from Geffen to MCA.

This is the video where Questlove proclaims “three of the most influential drummers of all time for me are not really drummers” and “J-Dilla is the greatest drum programmer of all time”.  Another great statement, “That Coke commercial saved Common’s ass!”

Cool tidbit… I remember going to see The Roots, The Fugees & Goodie Mob in Chicago at the Park West. This is the tour that Questlove mentions in this lecture where he and D’Angelo linked up and became friends. This was such an incredible show. I actually attended twice in one night.

Without doubt, you may have heard some of these stories before but I’m certain many of you haven’t, just a hunch. So, that’s why I am sharing this incredibly informative and entertaining lecture featuring Questlove.  It’s not a BBoyTechReport exclusive interview but its a dope interview that’s worth you time in checking it out.

Lecture: ?uestlove (Seattle 2005) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

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