In advance of the NAMM Tec Awards Blue Microphones has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement for Headphone Technology at the 33rd Annual NAMM Technical Excellent & Creativity Awards (NAMM TEC Awards). The awards ceremony will be held Saturday, January 27, 2017 in Anaheim, CA during The NAMM Show, and tickets can be purchased site or in advance here.

As Answered from Blue Microphones.

Blue is known for their Microphones, what was the inspiration to bring Sadie headphones to market?

“We had our biggest pro-retailers and our biggest consumer-retailers come to us a few years back and say, ‘You should do headphones, you’re the only ones who can be stylish and have the design element but also have high performance and quality sound,’” John Maier, CEO Blue Microphones explained. “That really motivated us to dig into that space.”

But Blue has never been a “me too” company coming out with just another headphone. After a few years of development and looking to redesign the headphone from the ground up, Blue created and launched Mo-Fi in 2014 and further advanced that design with Sadie in 2016.

What features make the Sadie headphones stand out among the bunch?

Sadie further refines the high-fidelity experience of Blue’s acclaimed Mo-Fi headphones to transform any laptop or portable device into a mobile hi-fi system. Featuring a built-in audiophile amp that takes the burden of power off your device, Sadie provides vastly improved performance and superior sound. Refinements to Sadie’s drivers and sonic soundstage deliver higher levels of performance to reveal new detail in your favorite music. Custom-matched 50mm ultra-premium dynamic drivers are specifically tuned for full-range sound with improved clarity, more defined low end, highly articulate mids and accurate high frequency response. Spacious cabinets behind the drivers optimize performance by maximizing the volume of air around the drivers.

“Sadie is the exciting evolution of Blue’s commitment to creating premium headphones,” said Maier. “We broke the mold with Mo-Fi, and Sadie advances that concept even further with refined custom-tuned drivers and a further streamlined unique design. It’s like wearing a premium hi-fi system on your head.”

Sadie takes Blue’s reinvented headband even further with a lighter weight, streamlined design. The headband features a four-point multi-jointed linkage system – inspired by the suspension system in Formula One racecars— with pivoting arms to keep the headphones parallel at all times and provide comfort and adjustability for any head shape or size. The earcups are shaped like ears to achieve a superior seal for accurate bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed. Sadie features three all-analog amp modes—including OFF, ON, and ON+—allowing listeners to activate the onboard amplifier and restore the missing low end to vinyl-era music. The completely reimagined holistic design results in a supremely precise, highly customizable headphone with superior comfort and unprecedented performance.

What was the overarching goal when developing Sadie headphones?

Sadie extends the innovations achieved by Blue’s Mo-Fi powered headphones. By establishing the entirely new category of powered headphones, Sadie brings a true high-fidelity listening experience to a market crowded with models that sacrifice detail and accuracy for mobility and fashion. The goal of Sadie’s design was to democratize the high-end listening experience for the mobile world we all live in. By delivering the performance of a hi-fi system—inside headphones—Sadie bridges the gap between mobility and fidelity, finally ending the compromise music lovers have been making since the rise of the MP3.

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