The fam DSTL (MSX Audio) released an incredible beat tape a couple of months back that I think you all should know about. It’s called “My Instagram Beat Tape” and it’s one of the most inspired, inspiring and inspirational beat tapes I’ve heard in a long time.

As a musician, DSTL, has an extensive musical vocabulary built up over years of dedication to musicianship. In challenging his own processes and skillset, DSTL decided to make a beat per day and upload it to IG for 31 days straight. In doing so, DSTL made himself make quick and meaningful choices about everything from chord progressions, drum patterns, sound design and mixing and on and on until he’d completed the day’s beat. Then he immediately uploaded it to IF for the community to enjoy.

Below is the result of DSTL’s self-imposed challenge and experiment.

As described by DSTL…

Inspired by collaboration and 10,000 hours of sound design, My Instagram Beat Tape is 31 tracks made in 31 days, the real-time culmination of years production, hard beats, dank synths, and the friends made along the way. Daniel Steele is the brain behind the music you already love, from producing tracks for the likes of Andy Mineo and King’s Kaleidoscope to crafting sounds and samples used in hit songs everywhere. And now he’s dropping his first beat tape. My Instagram Beat Tape is a mad sonic scientist’s dream: 30 minutes of chopped up nostalgia, the perfect soundtrack for vacuuming on a Tuesday morning or slugging through Friday afternoon traffic. And it’s available now streaming for free on Soundcloud and DatPiff.

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