Erica Synths MIDI to CV v2 Module
6hp - small moduleConverts signal both waysLots of LED feedbackMulti use module
One 5 pin din midi connector for both in and out
Ease of Use95%

Erica Synths sent over a module for review. Its called the MIDI to Clock V2. Its a revision of their initial version Midi to Clock. The utility modules arent typically thought of as the fun modules but they are certainly essential when it comes to specific tasks. Thats exactly what MIDI to Clock V2 is, essential. For converting clock to midi or in the reverse order, midi to clock, MIDI to Clock V2 is like having to different utility modules in one.

Erica Synths describes MIDI to Clock v2 as follows;

What sets Erica Synths MIDI <-> Clock module apart from others is that it works BOTH WAYS – it derives analogue clock from MIDI messages AND, flip a switch, and you can turn incoming analogue clock to MIDI clock and sync your MIDI devices to your modular. For more versatility, the module can be used with several incoming clock PPQs, plus, divisions and multiplications of incoming clock are available straight away.

MIDI to Clock converts clock to midi and of course midi back to clock all in one neat little 6hp package. It’s pretty easy to use too. The way I see it is MIDI to Clock V2 functions a two way midi / clock converter as well as a multiplier and divider. That’s a great value.

As for the look, Erica Synths typical sleek black designers always win. The added LEDs give great feedback to let you know where the signal is at any given time.

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Here is a quick demo of MIDI to Clock converting clock to midi. Here I have a clock coming from the Make Noise Tempi to #miditoclock clock in. That sends clock via midi out to #mother32 which is demonstrated by the pulsing sound from Mother32. Multiplier is going to m32’s vcf cutoff cv and divider to m32’s vco mod. Switching between multiplier settings and power settings make for a gang of possibilities. This is clock to midi mode. Next we go from midi to clock.

Ultimately Erica Synths MIDI to CV v2 module is a very useful utility for converting midi and clock signals and multiplying and dividing. I’m glad they sent it over. It’s definitely got a home in my rack. It’s not an expensive module at $148. Well worth it if you need this sort of utility, which you likely do if you have a modular rig and midi gear as well.


  • Bidirectional MIDI to clock conversion
  • 1, 4 and 24 PPQ selection
  • Division by 2, 4, 8
  • Multiplication by 4, 6, 16
  • Two simultaneous multiplied clock outputs
  • Start/Stop button
  • MIDI start/stop message implementation
  • Incoming/outgoing clock LEDs

More info on the Erica Synths site

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