In this episode of BBoyTech’s Modular Journal (episode 2) I take a bit of time to focus in on choosing modules that suit your specific needs.

There are a ton of modules out there and more on the way to market every day. Avoid analysis paralysis but be sure that you know exactly what you are looking to build.

Ask yourself…

What do you want to build? A synth? An effects rack? A combination of both?

In my case, I wanted something to compliment and work with my Analog Four as a companion system. That focus helped me stay the course even with a few strays.

I made certain to think of integration to my DAW which led me to the Expert Sleepers ES3. The ES3, by Expert Sleepers, will allow me to use modulation and CV from Native Instruments Blocks within the DAW. I wanted to incorporate the Synapse module for easier integration of the A4 CV into my rack or vice versa. So ultimately, integration and use of the A4 and DAW were mad important for me. So I set out to put together my best version of a modular A4 companion.

You should definitely give some thought to what your end game is with modular. Otherwise it will be way too easy to get caught up in the innumerable amount of modules on the market. There are so many dope modules. If you don’t have the correct focus for your needs, it’s a wrap. Get a larger room for the 70U coming your way.

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