Checkmate Breaks Available Now On BeatPPL.com

Over the years I’ve taken great pride in sharing the best of the best breaks for beatmakers. So, it’s been a pleasure seeing this set of Checkmate Breaks come together.

Mic Checkmate is a drummer, percussionist, music teacher and beatmaker from Oxnard  California. Over his summer break he spent his time crafting two very strong projects. One being a hip-hop instrumental project entitled Freestyle. Freestyle is where Mic Checkmate finds himself crafting melodic grooves. These grooves instantly puts you into a California state of mind.

The latest project is a collection of original breaks entitled Checkmate Breaks.  This project was put together with a variety of drums, congas, electronic and acoustic percussion instruments. Mic Checkmate expertly weaves in and out of funk breaks with touches of world grooves included.

Checkmate Breaks also stretches things out a bit by providing various takes on each break. In that way Checkmate Breaks follows the trend of providing stems for the set of samples in the sample pack. You can find breaks here with full drum set or just congas and may other variations.

Check the video out below to watch Mic Checkmate discuss his process for Checkmate Breaks.

Be sure to stop by BeatPPL.com to cop this must have set of breaks.

Keep up with Mic Checkmate on MicCheckmate.com.

Twitter: @micheckmate

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